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Comparative Essay Original Creation of the Earth - 1271 Words

Elements of Earth Science Comparative Essay Original Creation of the Earth Rhonda L. Carter 9 March 2014 PHSC 210-B13 LOU | | Introduction It should be easy to say that the Earth was created by a higher power. For a Christian this higher power is God. The Bible gives us the six day creation of the heavens and the Earth and all that dwell upon it. For anyone else, the higher power is some unknown power that science is still trying to figure out. There are a lot of theories in science about how the Earth was created. One of these theories is the big bang theory. The essay will compare the two theories and show how different they are. Old Earth View In the old Earth view of the original creation of Earth we are told about the†¦show more content†¦Young Earth View To believe in the young Earth theory, is to believe in the Bible. Those that believe in the Bible believe in a literal six day creation for the Earth and all that are upon it. When God spoke the world was brought into existence. On the sixth day God created Adam and Eve. He gave them dominion over all the animals and plants that he created. It wasn’t until the fall of man that any of the animals would start to die and decay. Another belief of a young Earth is the flood of Noah. Many of the young Earth creationists believe in the flood geology. â€Å"Instead of the millions of years requires to create fossil fuels such as coal, flood geologists claim that they were formed within a year under the tremendous pressure of the Noachin floodwaters.† (Koperski, 2006) In the book of Genesis we are given the creation account as well as the ac count of the flood. â€Å"In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same say were all the fountains of the great deep broken up and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the Earth forty days and forty nights.† (KJV, Genesis 6:11-12) If the waters came not only from the sky, but also from deep in the Earth, this would explain the strata layers and also the fossil layers of marine animals found is places where there is no water. Compare and Contrast The only comparison between the big bang theory and theShow MoreRelatedA Comparative Essay on the Original Creation of the Earth710 Words   |  3 PagesCreation is slowly becoming a taboo topic in our current society and the â€Å"Big Bang Theory† seems to be the trending theory of the century. What is the difference though? The Catholic Church, in 1950, proclaimed that the â€Å"Big Bang Theory† did not contradict the doctrine of creation; therefore, the Catholic Church now teaches something called Theistic Evolutionism. (Brom, 2004) Are many churches teaching a false doctrine regarding the â€Å"Big Bang Theory† or is science exempt from biblical doctrineRead MoreComparative Essay: â€Å"Original Creation of the Earth (the Big Bang vs. Sis Day Creation)† Phsc 2101438 Words   |  6 PagesPHSC 210-A17 Sonia Cooper Weeks Adjunct Instructor Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Old - Earth View III. Young - Earth View IV. Compare and Contrast V. Conclusion Introduction Christians today have a biblical principle and opinion of the universe existence. Christians believe that God created earth and that he accomplished that in only six days. Genesis 1 explains the creation and the interpretation is so utterly clear and one writer states â€Å"Thus, any interpretation that goes beyondRead MoreOriginal Creation Of The Earth ( Nebular Hypothesis Vs. Six Day Creation )1064 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction: The topic selected for the following comparative essay is, â€Å"Original creation of the earth (nebular hypothesis vs. six-day creation).† This essay will discuss the key points and differences found in both of the creation theories. The young-earth six-day creation view will be compared against the secular nebular hypothesis. For introductory purposes the definition of the two theories will be provided as follows: the nebular hypothesis can be defined as, â€Å"A great cloud of gas and dustRead MoreComparative Essay1281 Words   |  6 PagesComparative Essay: Original creation of the Earth PHSC 210, D03-LUO I. Introduction The old-Earth evolution and young-Earth creation debate has been one that has gone on for centuries. Each viewpoint seeks to give an answer to life’s most difficult questions or origins and how the Earth came to be what it resembles today. While the Young Earth viewpoint has remained constant and unchanged throughout the centuries the Old Earth view seems to be continually evolving as new discoveriesRead More Teaching Origins in 20th Century American Public Schools Essay6390 Words   |  26 PagesTeaching Origins in 20th Century American Public Schools Introduction The debate over the origins of the earth and of life has captivated and divided America since the late 19th Century. Evolutionists and creationists have battled in courtrooms , churches , academia , and public schools over the course of the 20th century and continue fighting, or attempting to make peace over, this culture war today. The debate has changed between the time of the Scopes Trial and the present in severalRead MoreHow Tolkiens Life Influenced His Works3900 Words   |  16 PagesWritings Thesis: John Ronald Reule Tolkien’s life experiences influenced his writing, beginning as a student, then a soldier, lexigrapher, professor, and then a writer to his own children; Tolkien’s life created the place known to most as Middle-Earth. Introduction Childhood South Africa Baboon Spider Lack of Greenery only sand and rock Early family life Early love of language and Anglo-Saxon literature Early adult life Edith and Tolkien Beren and Luthien Father Morgan’s forbidding ofRead MoreCharles Darwin Was Not the First to Develop a Theory of Evolution3779 Words   |  16 Pagesreplaced old, primitive ideas of a supernatural creation by an supreme Being. This line of thought is expressed in the Encyclopedia Britannica (7): Evolution provided the first unifying, general principle to all living things, however in legends of creation popular among the peoples of antiquity-Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Hebrews, whose sacred book, the Torah, known to Christians as the Old Testament, contains two descriptions of the creation of plants and animals. The omnipotence that primitiveRead MoreDefending Slavery Essay2484 Words   |  10 Pages1851. This document won a price offered by the Alabama Baptist State Coveention for the best essay. Holmes called the slaveowners as â€Å"Christian masters† and avowed that â€Å"the masters† had the responsibility to hold slaves of an inferior race and should guide and prote ct the servants. In addition, Holmes noted that white race masters were of â€Å"a superior intellect† and that blacks were â€Å"ignorant†. The essay â€Å"Slavery and the Bible† written by an anonymous author and edited by De Bow’s Review. The authorRead MoreEssay on Psalm 903370 Words   |  14 PagesSomehow, the entrepreneur must be guided by biblical principle, be influential in the marketplace while also yield profit to be successful in business. Still, this discussion asserts that when it is the Christian’s right to exercise â€Å"dominion in the earth through stewardship and enterprise.†3 It is also that entrepreneur’s responsibility to make his or her days count by forwarding the kingdom. Psalm 90: Discussion This tension between man’s place in the continuum of God’s eternity is the themeRead MoreHistory As Told By The Poet2874 Words   |  12 PagesDennis Dorrell ENGL 308 Prof. Harrington 11 December 2014 History as Told by the Poet In attempts to immortalize his existence, man has formed civilization after civilization in order to stave off the inevitable decay of time. The earth is littered with the ruins of antiquity that serve as nothing more than remnants of once powerful tyrants who sought in vain to immortalize their existence. In his sonnet Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelley depicts this struggle with a condemnatory eye. When all things

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